Mayan Handball Court by Rob Simons

An inspiration feed curated by Rob Simons that focuses on the intersection of photography, literature, cinema, music, architecture & design. Effort has been made to properly credit artists, including a link to where the material was found. Questions? Email here.

Photographer Luke Byrne

Posted at 9:41pm and tagged with: photography, luke byrne, vintage, jeep, urban, diners, americana, storefront,.

Photographer Luke Byrne

from the Untitled Japan series
Photographer Emily Shur

Posted at 9:47pm and tagged with: photographer, emily shur, japan, interiors, modernism, existentialism, minimalism,.

from the Untitled Japan seriesPhotographer Emily Shur

William Eggleston at home
Photographer Stanley Booth
(via Purple Magazine)

Posted at 9:00pm and tagged with: photography, stanley booth, portraits, portrait, memphis, interiors, fashion, coffee, photographers, william eggleston,.

William Eggleston at homePhotographer Stanley Booth(via Purple Magazine)

from the Inhabited II series
Photographer Magda Biernat

Posted at 8:40pm and tagged with: photography, magda biernat, interiors, surreal, existentialism, bedroom,.

from the Inhabited II seriesPhotographer Magda Biernat

Train, Brussels, Belgium, 1981
Photographer Harry Gruyaert
(via Magnum Photos)

Posted at 10:43am and tagged with: photography, harry gruyaert, belgium, train, existentialism, surreal, interiors, red, analogue, 1981, magnum photos,.

Train, Brussels, Belgium, 1981Photographer Harry Gruyaert(via Magnum Photos)

Presidio, Texas, February 21, 1975
Photographer Stephen Shore
(via Landes Museum)

Posted at 8:51pm and tagged with: photography, stephen shore, landscape, landscapes, texas, 1975, color photography, analogue, vintage,.

Presidio, Texas, February 21, 1975Photographer Stephen Shore(via Landes Museum)

South Pasadena, CA 2011
Photographer Ryan Schude

Posted at 7:52pm and tagged with: photography, ryan schude, pasadena, cars, california, los angeles, urban landscapes, lomo, lomography, analogue, vintage,.

South Pasadena, CA 2011Photographer Ryan Schude

Stillness Of Our World
Photographer Douglas L Thompson

Posted at 10:25pm and tagged with: photography, douglas lyle thompson, landscapes, surreal, palm trees, travel, existentialism, landscape,.

Stillness Of Our World  Photographer Douglas L Thompson (via

Model Laura Taylor
Photographer Lou Noble
(via flickr)

Posted at 10:06pm and tagged with: photography, laura taylor, lou noble, portraits, portrait, los angeles, kodak, porta, analogue, style,.

Model Laura TaylorPhotographer Lou Noble(via flickr)

Photographer Foster Huntington
(via A Restless Transplant)

Posted at 10:34pm and tagged with: photography, foster huntington, landscape, surreal, existentialism, nature, landscapes, Kamchatka, Russia, volcano,.

Photographer Foster Huntington(via A Restless Transplant)