Mayan Handball Court by Rob Simons

An inspiration feed curated by Rob Simons that focuses on the intersection of photography, literature, cinema, music, architecture & design. Effort has been made to properly credit artists, including a link to where the material was found. Questions? Email here.

Photographer Lina Scheynius

Posted at 10:27pm and tagged with: photoraphy, lina scheynius, abstract, surreal, portrait, portraits, clouds,.

Photographer Lina Scheynius

I-40, Burning Car
Photographer Jeff Brouws

Posted at 9:46pm and tagged with: photography, jeff brouws, surreal, existentialism, things kept burning, fire, americana, landscape, highway,.

I-40, Burning CarPhotographer Jeff Brouws

Photographer Josh Soskin

Posted at 9:30pm and tagged with: photography, josh soskin, 35mm, analogue, analog, portrait, portraits, camper,.

Photographer Josh Soskin

Enoch, Utah, 2010
Photographer John Humble

Posted at 1:55pm and tagged with: photography, john humble, utah, enoch, 2010, signs, surreal, clouds, existentialism, landscape, landscapes,.

Enoch, Utah, 2010Photographer John Humble

Photographer Mark Watkins

Posted at 8:45pm and tagged with: photography, mark watkins, neon, signs, drugs, vsco, existentialsm, design,.

Photographer Mark Watkins

Lompoc, California
Photographer Stephen Tamiesie

Posted at 9:04pm and tagged with: photography, stephen tamiesie, lompoc, cadillac, california, murals, surreal, existentialism, native american,.

Lompoc, CaliforniaPhotographer Stephen Tamiesie

Leadapron Rare Books
Photographer Brigitte Sire

Posted at 8:59pm and tagged with: photography, brigitte sire, books, leadapron, west hollywood, bookstore,.

Leadapron Rare BooksPhotographer Brigitte Sire