Mayan Handball Court by Rob Simons

An inspiration feed curated by Rob Simons that focuses on the intersection of photography, literature, cinema, music, architecture & design. Effort has been made to properly credit artists, including a link to where the material was found. Questions? Email here.

Lompoc, California
Photographer Stephen Tamiesie

Posted at 9:04pm and tagged with: photography, stephen tamiesie, lompoc, cadillac, california, murals, surreal, existentialism, native american,.

Lompoc, CaliforniaPhotographer Stephen Tamiesie

Leadapron Rare Books
Photographer Brigitte Sire

Posted at 8:59pm and tagged with: photography, brigitte sire, books, leadapron, west hollywood, bookstore,.

Leadapron Rare BooksPhotographer Brigitte Sire

Photographer Guido De Bortoli

Posted at 10:25pm and tagged with: photography, guido de bortoli, porsche, cars, vintage, 1953, shadows,.

Photographer Guido De Bortoli

Hotel San José
Photographer Alice Gao

Posted at 10:00am and tagged with: photography, alice gao, hotel san jose, austin, swimming pools, chairs, exteriors, surreal, existentialism, lifestyle,.

Hotel San JoséPhotographer Alice Gao

Tembea, Tokyo, Japan
Photographer Parker Fitzgerald

Posted at 10:43am and tagged with: photography, parker fitzgerald, japan, tembea, tokyo, kinfolk, fashion, handbags, minimalism, design,.

Tembea, Tokyo, JapanPhotographer Parker Fitzgerald

Eat, Inyokern, California
Photographer Jeff Brouws

Posted at 9:02pm and tagged with: photography, jeff brouws, eat, inyokern, california, landscapes, landscape, desert, signs, design, surreal, existentialism,.

Eat, Inyokern, CaliforniaPhotographer Jeff Brouws

Photographer Gabriel Flores

Posted at 8:35pm and tagged with: photography, gabriel flores, bikes, abstract, existentialism, surreal,.

Photographer Gabriel Flores

Los Angeles, CA, June 21, 1975
Photographer Stephen Shore

Posted at 11:17am and tagged with: photography, stephen shore, los angeles, chevron, logos, urban landscapes, texaco, 1975, seventies, vintage, analogue, color photography, beverly blvd,.

Los Angeles, CA, June 21, 1975Photographer Stephen Shore

Venice Blvd, May 13, 1995
Photographer John Humble

Posted at 11:00pm and tagged with: photography, john humble, los angeles, venice boulevard, thrift store, urban, nineties, 1995, existentialism,.

Venice Blvd, May 13, 1995Photographer John Humble