Mayan Handball Court by Rob Simons

An inspiration feed curated by Rob Simons that focuses on the intersection of photography, literature, cinema, music, architecture & design. Effort has been made to properly credit artists, including a link to where the material was found. Questions? Email here.

Los Angeles 1978-79
Photographer Adam Bartos

Posted at 10:27pm and tagged with: photography, adam bartos, los angeles, 1970s, vintage, cars, urban landscapes,.

Los Angeles 1978-79Photographer Adam Bartos

The Jam, Hammersmith Odeon, London
Photographer Fin Costello

Posted at 10:14pm and tagged with: photography, paul weller, the jam, black and white, post-punk, london, uk, hammersmith odeon, music, bands,.

The Jam, Hammersmith Odeon, LondonPhotographer Fin Costello

Stampeder Motel, OR, July 19, 1973
Photographer Stephen Shore

Posted at 8:57pm and tagged with: photography, stephen shore, motels, stampeder motel, 1973, 1970s, television, oregon, ontario, americana, deer,.

Stampeder Motel, OR, July 19, 1973Photographer Stephen Shore

Venice Boulevard, May 18, 1997
Photographer John Humble

Posted at 10:37pm and tagged with: photography, john humble, los angeles, venice boulevard, liquor stores, neon, night photography, budweiser, advertising, americana, 1997, nineties,.

Venice Boulevard, May 18, 1997Photographer John Humble

from the Travel series
Photographer James Bowden

Posted at 10:31am and tagged with: photography, james bowden, camping, surreal, sunset, van, existentialism, nature, travel,.

from the Travel seriesPhotographer James Bowden

from the Factories series
Photographer John Spinks

Posted at 11:46am and tagged with: photography, john spinks, factories, interiors, existentialism, capitalism,.

from the Factories seriesPhotographer John Spinks

Photographer Candida Hofer

Posted at 11:30am and tagged with: photography, candida hofer, interiors, abstract, still life, surreal,.

Photographer Candida Hofer

from the Homestead series
Photographer Laura Dart

Posted at 10:22am and tagged with: photography, laura dart, coffee, vintage, lifestyle, homestead, analogue,.

from the Homestead seriesPhotographer Laura Dart

Photographer Luke Byrne

Posted at 9:41pm and tagged with: photography, luke byrne, vintage, jeep, urban, diners, americana, storefront,.

Photographer Luke Byrne

from the Untitled Japan series
Photographer Emily Shur

Posted at 9:47pm and tagged with: photographer, emily shur, japan, interiors, modernism, existentialism, minimalism,.

from the Untitled Japan seriesPhotographer Emily Shur